Final exams start

Finished my take home final for CS174 over the weekend. Not exactly over the weekend really, I was up until 7am on Monday morning, took 2.5 hours of nap, then went to Soda Hall to finish the rest. I didn't exactly finish either, I estimated that I will get around 50/100 if I answered correctly everything that I wrote down an answer for.

Oh, the reason why I went to Soda to finsih the exam was because I didn't have a blue book with me, so I had to go to campus to buy a blue book and copy the answers onto it.

Then in the afternoon I took the oral part of that final exam. I did a pretty impressive job I think, mainly because I got lucky and the professor only asked me things that I know about. He told me based on the oral exam, I will probably "get a B if not higher". That's before he had seen my written final, I would be happy with a B.

Finished my last undergraduate CS project ever. intergrated and fixed parts that my partners did. Submitted it, went to bed.

Got up at 5 this morning, starting to study for my CS161 final, which will happen in about 5 hours. The class is pretty high level overall, I don't really know what to study.

Hence this post.

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