Two ideas

A coworker and I came up with two sure hit business ideas:

1) start a toilet paper printing company. We will print custom order toilet paper (want your company's logo on it?), novelty topics (word of the day except word of the square? foreign language, horoscope, etc), and advertisements (have an event that you want to advertise in the local malls?). If technology permits, we can even have a subscription service which will install the printer right at your restroom and download the latest news everyday and print that to your toilet paper!

2) smart pot for people who can't keep a plant alive. The pot will have sensors that detect the dryness of the soil and base on the size of the pot, automatically disperse the right amount of water. There will be a knob that controls this for different types of plants. A large bucket is attached to the pot so you only need to remember to water once a month, and an indicator will flash if water will run out soon. Solar powered, with a rechargeable battery that will take care of the nights. Also a higher end model that will include a webcam and software so you can monitor the plant on the go. Optional subscription service so you can have experts look at your plant and tweak watering schedule remotely or send you other advices.

by khc on Wed Aug 18 20:45:15 2010 Permlink
Tags: weirdstuff