PDF on Android

So I just bought a Nexus 9. It's 2015 and somehow reading PDF is still a pain. None of the major ebook readers properly support PDF: Google Books and Kindle both import PDFs as images, so I can't highlight text. Converting PDF to ePub messes up the formatting (they are academic papers). The built-in PDF reader can highlight text for copy, but can't save highlights.

Adobe's PDF reader does do the job, except it requires another account to save to the cloud (turns out I already had one but obviously I don't know what the password is). And the UI is... ugh. Why do I have 4 different tabs showing an identical set of files?

I knew it would be a pain and printed out the papers, except printing still doesn't work right in 2015 and I am missing a few pages.

by khc on Thu Nov 12 17:52:22 2015 Permlink
Tags: rant computer