My Credit Card Disappeared (2)

So after a week of not hearing back anything, I sent them another rant message and demanded a real human being to answer. They sent back the same reply as last time, and also another message:

We are currently experiencing higher than normal email volume. We are working diligently to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. As a valued customer, we appreciate your patience and the opportunity to service your banking needs.

* Please do not reply to this message as this mailbox is not monitored *

Maybe if you fix my problem then all those complain hate mails will stop.

In the mean time though, their Bill Pay system still works wonderfully, and was quick to notify me (via email too! I checked the checkbox to receive all customer service responses via email and I never got any of them) that I have a $584.60 bill that I need to pay.

Guess they got their priorities right...

by khc on Wed Nov 8 19:30:03 2006 Permlink
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