Christmas productivity

Spent most of the Christmas day capturing dumps from Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178 using oSpy and analyzing them. Previously I "only" gave the VM 328MB RAM which apparently wasn't enough for oSpy, and I had to increase it to 400MB RAM which leaves < 600MB for the host. I ended up getting offline messaging working correctly with Elliott Sales de Andrade's MSNP15 patch, turns out we need to use the ticket token from which is not the domain we use to send out the offline message. It sort of makes sense, except MSNPiki lists as unknown... Also fixed couple other issues in Elliott's patch, and fixed couple other leaks and a double free along the way. The MSNP15 stuff is not pushed yet, hopefully I will find some time this weekend to test it more thoroughly.

Spent most of Christmas night and tonight writing a program that would display the lyric as a song is played. My setup is quite complicated at the moment, it involves a python QuodLibet plugin that fires appropriate DBus events and a perl script that listens for those DBus events, find and parse the lyric file (which is currently something like LRC), then display each line as the song is played. Pausing and seeking within a song complicates it further. I think I am mostly done, but the tedious work of writing out the LRC files remains. I will probably post the code later.

by khc on Thu Dec 27 00:14:14 2007 Permlink