Mandatory Week of Fun

We at Riverbed had a fun week last week. Not just any fun week, but a mandatory one as well. Each day we had a different theme that we need to dress up to, and at the end of the week a panel of three judges announced the top four prize winners. This "contest" was only announced to the engineering department, but the my impression was that everyone can participate (probably not everyone could win though).

Monday was Mustache Monday. As you can see I grew not only a mustache, but also a bear:


No, that really wasn't something that I bought over the weekend. Really.

Tuesday was Tacky Tuesday. Since I always walk in front of the fashion line, I couldn't come up with anything to wear on that day. I worked from home in my super-fashionable T-shirt and shorts. Bare footed even.

Wednesday was Wacky Hat Wednesday. Unfortunately the only close up picture of mine was really blurry (blame the co-worker who took it), so I can only show you a group picture:

group picture

No, I didn't talk like a pirate.

Thursday was pure nothingness. Rumor was that the people who organized this event couldn't come up with anything creative that starts with a 'T'.

Friday was Formal Friday. Yes, almost everyone dressed up. At the end of the day Michael Michon, one of the organizers and judges, didn't give a presentation on "Optimizing Beer Consumption: Proper Pouring Techniques/When To Pump The Keg". But we didn't need anyone to teach us that.

me dressed u[

No, I wasn't drunk.

Unfortunately I only won the fourth prize of $0 Thinkgeek certificates (so did everyone else who participated). The week ended with an Irish party (but most of us had no idea when we started) and... more drinking.

Post Mandatory Week of Fun, on Monday we had a mini party down in Mountain View to celebrate our upcoming release. The support people really rocked and put everything together. Phyllis, my favorite support person, tied a balloon in my cube:

balloon in my cube

I stood up, and whoa:

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Things I found in Mountain View

I've been working at the Mountain View office for more or less 3 months now. Unlike the San Francisco office, the MV office is kind of in the middle of no where. That said, nothing stops me from finding a weird thing or two there.

First of all, the elevator inspection permit expired a little over 10 months ago.

expired elevator permit

Not really a result of discovering that, I am now taking the stairs whenever I can.

I don't remember which day it started showing up, but someone abandoned a koala stuffed animal near the spot where I usually park my car. I took a picture of it last Friday for some reason, and sure enough, it's gone when I returned the next Monday.

koala stuffed animal

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Life update

You know life is getting boring when the title of the post is "Life update". I mean, if it's any interesting I would have used a more eyeball grabbing title. I was originally scheduled to go to a everything-paid-for trip to San Diego to visit a customer site earlier this month, the trip didn't work out because the IT person on that site is too busy with other work. Maybe I still get to go in July, or maybe it's canceled, who knows.

Spent most of last week offline, other than during work time. No AIM, MSN, ICQ, minimal email.

Sunday (I managed to miss the midnight again) was Father's Day. Went to Mayflower's for lunch as usual, and cooked dinner as promised. It wasn't much of a dinner but it is the first time I made anything non-trivial for someone else. Everything is actually edible, go figure.

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Photos update

Added another album 2006 where I plan to dump all the pictures I take in 2006 to. Want to see what my cube looks like? What about what we at Riverbed (well, some of us anyway) think about Web 2.0?

On the other hand, I am slowly uploading other stuff that I've written to here. It may take a while since I don't type Chinese very fast.

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