Final exams over! and Gaim beta!

Final exams are finally over, after I finished my last exam on Comparative Literature just a couple minutes ago. Many people have asked me what I feel about graduating, I never knew what to tell them. If someone asks me the same question now, I can only tell them that it is relieving to know that you are done. It's like after pulling a couple all nighters to finish an assignment, only difference is that I am concluding more than 15 years of my education, not including pre-school. More news about job hunt will be posted soon as it is finalized.

The first beta of Gaim 2.0.0 was released a couple days ago. My mailbox was flooded by mails from gaim's forum on sourceforge since I tell sourceforge to mail me whenever anyone post to the forum. 99% of the posts are about the absence of specific preferences. Some of them (idleness by gaim usage, showing of idle time on the buddy list, smooth scrolling, Ctrl-Enter to send, etc) will very likely come back according to the gaim developers. In fact some of them already have. Fortunately I don't use/care about any of the removed preferences, but it is good to see feedbacks from so many users at the same time.

Gaim 2.0.0 removed the concept of "Auto login" that has been present since as long as I remember. Instead of a checkbox for "Auto login", gaim will in the future (or now, if you use the beta) remember your status (online, away, invisible, offline, etc) when you quit gaim and restore them when gaim is restarted. This however presents two problems:

  1. When I go away, and then quit gaim without setting myself to be available, gaim will restore my away message next time I start gaim. Most of the time the away message would be irrelevant by that time.

  2. Someone mentioned on the forum that he may not always want to sign on to all the accounts. The ability to only sign on certain accounts without having them to sign on again next time gaim is started is nice to have.

I don't know if gaim will release a 2nd beta. Hopefully I will have time to finish multiple encoding option for ICQ before the final release, now that I am done with the finals.

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Partial final exam results, and travel

3 Exams down, 1 more to go. So far I know I got an A- for Software Security and a B- for Combinatorics and Discrete Probabilities. For my Political Science class, hopefully I am going to get a B, but it will probably take a couple days before I find out since I just took the final this afternoon. My last exam is going to be for my complit class, and that's going to be on next Tuesday.

I went to my second (or third, depends on how you count it) interview for Riverbed. The people there seem real nice. I am not getting any offers yet, but it certainly seems to be an interesting place to work.

It's kind of sad. I sent out about 6-7 applications so far, and Riverbed is the only company that is offering me an interview. Okay, Riverbed is the smallest company out of all those I applied. Maybe I should try my luck on the smaller companies around here.

On the travelling side, I am going to fly to Hong Kong on the 8th, and probably return around the 23rd the next month. Honestly I don't have my travel plan worked out yet, so there's not much for me to say here. Although I am pretty sure I will go to big cities like Shang Hai and Beijing, and a couple other cities that are frequent by tourists.

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Final exams start

Finished my take home final for CS174 over the weekend. Not exactly over the weekend really, I was up until 7am on Monday morning, took 2.5 hours of nap, then went to Soda Hall to finish the rest. I didn't exactly finish either, I estimated that I will get around 50/100 if I answered correctly everything that I wrote down an answer for.

Oh, the reason why I went to Soda to finsih the exam was because I didn't have a blue book with me, so I had to go to campus to buy a blue book and copy the answers onto it.

Then in the afternoon I took the oral part of that final exam. I did a pretty impressive job I think, mainly because I got lucky and the professor only asked me things that I know about. He told me based on the oral exam, I will probably "get a B if not higher". That's before he had seen my written final, I would be happy with a B.

Finished my last undergraduate CS project ever. intergrated and fixed parts that my partners did. Submitted it, went to bed.

Got up at 5 this morning, starting to study for my CS161 final, which will happen in about 5 hours. The class is pretty high level overall, I don't really know what to study.

Hence this post.

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