Photos update

Added another album 2006 where I plan to dump all the pictures I take in 2006 to. Want to see what my cube looks like? What about what we at Riverbed (well, some of us anyway) think about Web 2.0?

On the other hand, I am slowly uploading other stuff that I've written to here. It may take a while since I don't type Chinese very fast.

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Eighty days later
by khc on Sun May 28 10:19:30 2006 Permlink
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Journal from my trip

I wrote quite a bit during my trip in China, and I've been slowly typing them up. Part of the journal can be found here. I will upload the rest as soon as I find time to.

The entries are in Chinese, and I don't plan to translate them to English, at least not any time soon.

by khc on Sun May 28 10:20:29 2006 Permlink
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