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我一般通常都行路番屋企,但最近SF嘅傍晚都想和我吹吹風,係巴士同30分鐘嘅uphill battle兩者之間,作出決擇並唔難。巴士上除咗會發生巴士阿叔巴士阿嬸等等大件事之外,其實仲有唔少小事件值得去留意。八掛Observant嘅我自然就會留意到呢D小事。

某日係巴士坐底無幾耐,旁邊嘅少女突然係到自言自語,基於禮貌同我鐘意坐近門口(巴士會坐滿,近門口方便落車)嘅原因我無換位。途中佢問一個人巴士會唔會經過Pacific Heights,我無聽到對方回答,但我林佢有點頭,因為少女之後話"Oh Okay"。再過咗一陣,佢又突然問一個女人佢個手袋係邊度買嘅,個女人聽唔明英文,少女就用廣東話重複。女人話係佢個女買俾佢嘅,少女唔甘心,就問佢個女係邊度買嘅。女人話:「係埠仔」少女依然唔死心:「邊個埠仔」「二埠」。



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Laser tagging

So I went laser tagging with some of my coworkers last week. Here's the result. If I knew that I was going to play with 20+ kids I probably wouldn't have gone.

Of course, if I knew I was going to get my ass kicked by those kids, I definitely wouldn't have gone.

by khc on Mon Aug 25 20:08:38 2008 Permlink
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Why do E-Trade even bother to send a text version of its email? If they don't then my mail client know to pick up the html version. It's not a problem if they actually include useful information in the text version, but all I get is this:

This is a graphic email message. If you are reading this message then your email program does not support HTML format. We recommend changing your Email Alert delivery format to plain text or upgrading the program you use to read your email. To modify your Alert format, log in to your account at and update your e-mail profile settings.

Hot or not? I think not. Their interview process is clearly not filtering out enough junk.

Last year, the company briefly considered offering a job to every graduate from the University of California at Berkeley computer science program. It decided not to but still wound up hiring most of the 59 grads. "We were like: 'Hey, maybe we're hot again," says Schwartz.

Found out about EBuddy, wonder if it's LibPurple based.

Firefox 3 may not allow self-signed certs to work anymore. Here's the bug. There's a way to whitelist each host:port, but it's going to suck if you have lots of them.

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