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Laser tagging

So I went laser tagging with some of my coworkers last week. Here's the result. If I knew that I was going to play with 20+ kids I probably wouldn't have gone.

Of course, if I knew I was going to get my ass kicked by those kids, I definitely wouldn't have gone.

by khc on Mon Aug 25 20:08:38 2008 Permlink
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Tracking 2 branches in git-svn

Update: I've since written a script that automates this, see the follow up Fetching svn branches with git-svn .

The git-svn man page is less than helpful about how to track 2 subversion branches (actually, trunk and another branch). Typically trunk is the development branch and you have another branch for release that you backport fixes to. You can fetch all branches easily, but many times you don't want to and just want a particular branch. After many tries I've found something that works.

After you cloned a git-svn repository, you should have something like this in your .git/config:

[svn-remote "svn"]
    url = svn://svn/mgmt/trunk
    fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn

Append the branch that you want:

[svn-remote "foo"]
    url = svn://svn/mgmt/branches/foo_branch
    fetch = :refs/remotes/git-foo

Then do:

git svn fetch -R foo -r 31144 # or whatever revision you want to start with
git branch -av # should see a new remote branch
git branch --track foo_branch git-foo

After you do this, you should see your .git/config now has a new entry:

[branch "foo_branch"]
    remote = .
    merge = refs/remotes/git-foo

git svn rebase your new branch:

git checkout foo_branch
git svn rebase

Now you can cherry-pick revisions from foo_branch, and dcommit as usual.

by khc on Wed Mar 11 00:13:39 2009 Permlink
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踏入2008年,工作上除咗忙仲係忙,好似重來未咁忙過。每一日個bug list都有增無減,重要其他人嘅bug有時都要我睇埋,唉!睇怕要到beta先會無咁忙。

公司Mountain View租嘅辦公室之前比Google買咗,今日終於搬到Sunnyvale嘅新辦公室: 。遊戲室仲未有機會去睇,因為太忙!不過聽講有三部電視,Xbox360,Playstation 3,乒乓球枱,同埋air hockey枱。都唔知幾時先有機會玩。

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Jacksonville, Florida

Leaving on the 5th, coming back on the 7th.

by khc on Sat Dec 2 21:35:06 2006 Permlink
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Team Orange

Who are we ?

Team Orange is a bunch of Riverbed folk committed to camaraderie through humiliation.

The idea started with John and Viv, meeting in a coffee shop and coming up with a great idea, that would revolutionize the world.

Well we are kidding!!! It actually started with an agreement with the 2 that if Riverbed stock ever hit 50 they would dye their hair in Riverbed colors (i.e. orange)

What do I need to do to be part of Team Orange?

Its very simple really,

  • Be a Riverbed employee
  • Crazy enough to dye your hair orange
  • Have people stare at you ?
  • Sign up at the bottom of this page

What will determine if Team Orange will dye their hair orange?

The simple rules are:

  • RVBD should close trading on a given day at $50 after the option lockout period ends, the price merely hitting $50 is not adequate
  • If the stock splits or reverse splits then the price will be adjusted accordingly
  • There is a misconception that it must hit $50 within a month of the lockout period ending, or else the challenge will be void. However Viv, pointed out this is complete baloney!!!

Hair Coloring rules

  • The color MUST be bright orange
  • Men MUST color their entire head hair (no streaking or partials), regardless of the length of their hair
  • An exception is being for the women participants with long head hair. Hair is defined as long when it reaches the shoulders or beyond. Otherwise it is short. Women with long head hair are allowed to streak their hair orange (100-200 long strands on each side [total 2]) instead of a complete re-color. Women with short hair are subject to the same rule as men.
  • The period for which the hair must remain dyed is ONE month. If the hair color fades below a RVBD respectable level, a re-dye is REQUIRED.
by khc on Thu Nov 30 18:29:24 2006 Permlink
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